Waste collection campaign 2022

Hazardous waste from households and electrical and electronic equipment

The collection campaign for hazardous waste from private households, as well as for electrical and electronic equipment will take place this year from Monday 29th August to Thursday 8th September 2022.

  • Individuals with symptoms typical of Covid-19 should not participate in the collection event.
  • Please consider the applicable Corona protection regulations and adhere to the distance and hygiene regulations. .

The detailed timetable of the collection within your postcode area can be found further down the page and will be sent mid-August to private households by mail.

Hazardous waste collection considerations

Only PRIVATE individuals are allowed to bring hazardous waste from households.

  • For more information on Toxic and Hazardous Waste see our Waste Guide (in German) or click here for a instant translation.
  • See info on the correct disposal of cosmetic packaging  correct disposal of cosmetic packaging (in German) from Swiss Recycling or click here for a instant translation
  • See info on Using chemical products safely – How to protect your health and the environment (Swiss )
  • See campaign for responsible use of chemical products in everyday life (Federal Office of Public Health, in German)
  • or click here for a instant translation

We can answer many questions about waste disposal. Just contact us and we will happily
advise you
: Phone 027 924 24 01 or info@abfall-oberwallis.ch

Collection of electrical and electronic appliances

By removing the so-called contaminants and harmful substances from electrical appliances before they are handed over to collection points, it is possible to eliminate pollution and hazards.

  • if you leave bulbs in lamps, they can break during delivery or transport and fumes can escape.
  • leaving batteries in equipment could pose a risk of fire or leakage of liquids if improperly stored & transported.
  • for appliances containing oils, such as fryers, it is advisable to remove the oil for hygienic and environmental reasons.
  • In the case of appliances such as vacuum cleaners, it is advisable to remove the dust bag and dispose of it in the garbage, in order to avoid unnecessary transportation.

These little things help us to additionally protect the environment and to work safely.

TIMETABLE Collection 2022

The detailed timetable of the collection with stops on the map available on the Link.

For questions about the collection date or location, contact your municipality.

Summary of the collection schedule BY COLLECTION DAY

Mo 29. Aug Oberwald, Obergesteln, Ulrichen, Geschinen, Münster, Reckingen, Gluringen, Grafschaft, Blitzingen, Niederwald, Bellwald
Tu 30. Aug Binn, Ernen, Fiesch, Fieschertal, Lax, Grengiols, Betten, Mörel, Ried-Mörel
We 31. Aug Gondo, Termen, Leuk, Susten, Agarn
Th 1. Sep Eggerberg, Baltschieder, Ausserberg, St. German, Raron, Visp
Fr 2. Sep Blatten, Wiler, Kippel, Ferden, Goppenstein, Gampel, Visperterminen
Mo 5. Sep Saas-Fee, Saas-Almagell, Saas-Grund, Saas-Balen, Eisten, Steg, Niedergesteln
Tu 6. Sep Zeneggen, Bürchen, Unterbäch, Eischoll, Ergisch, Oberems, Unterems, Turtmann
We 7. Sep Täsch, Randa, Grächen, Staldenried, Stalden, Törbel, Embd
Th 8. Sep Salgesch, Varen, Inden, Albinen, Guttet-Feschel, Erschmatt, Bratsch

Abfallberatung Oberwallis, July 2022